Insights Into Famous Composers

A fine architectural journal will picture in detail the inner and outer features of an important house, but these pictures tell us very little about the quality of the lives of the people who lived there. In much the same fashion many biographies of famous composers catalog their study, the dates of their compositions and the important events of their lives, but when we have finished reading do we feel we really know the famous composer as a person? This series of books provides insights into the lives of four famous composers by allowing the reader to discover their world through their own words. One reads of their most intimate thoughts on their own education, their experiences as composers and performers and how they privately viewed the other famous musicians and composers of their time.

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Is there a book inside you that has always wanted to be written?  Do you have a great story to tell that you have been holding back all these years?  Are you a prolific poet and downplaying all the praises people sing you when you occasionally open up and share your writing?  Do you have a book already written that is not yet published and not yet available on the internet?  We can help.  And we would like your help too — so if you have any suggestions on how we can better serve you, please click below.


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