Whitwell Publishing was started in the 1970s as a means of distributing books by members of our family.  Today Whitwell Publishing proudly represents both family and non-family alike and is putting our experience and know-how to work for the benefit of a select group of authors and an increasingly global and diverse audience of readers.  
As a publisher, we of course still publish, but at heart we are explorers and listeners, on the lookout for real people with thought provoking ideas to share and stories to tell. Our mission is to catalyze greater self-expression and enrich the lives of readers by publishing a diverse set of great books. Your ideas just might inspire another and change the world, so let them fly!
Stefan Whitwell
Austin, Texas


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Is there a book inside you that has always wanted to be written?  Do you have a great story to tell that you have been holding back all these years?  Are you a prolific poet and downplaying all the praises people sing you when you occasionally open up and share your writing?  Do you have a book already written that is not yet published and not yet available on the internet?  We can help.  And we would like your help too — so if you have any suggestions on how we can better serve you, please click below.


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